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Bear Lake

Growing up, I always looked forward to summer trips to breathtaking Bear Lake. Despite the frigid water, I loved playing on the beach and camping with my family; making memories I still treasure. As a teen, I spent two summers working at a drive-in on the main thoroughfare of Garden City, one of several quaint towns nestled in the beautiful Bear Lake Valley, making famous raspberry shakes and visiting with tourists while taking their orders. Since that time, Bear Lake has become even more special to me as my husband was raised on the shores of the “Caribbean of the Rockies,” so we spend as much time there as possible. The quiet, slow pace is a welcome respite from our fast paced lives. I am now more in love with this destination than ever before and always feel I leave a piece of my heart every time we leave. It’s a must-see!

Photos are of lake, poppies of Fish Haven and Garden City.

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Written by Danene Dustin

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