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Hi everybody! I’m stoked to have the opportunity to share some adventures on the Explore Utah page this week! I have always loved traveling to Utah for the camping, climbing, hiking, and biking. Usually, I have spent most of my time in Utah in more desert-like parts of the state but I really want to make it out there for some skiing and more alpine adventures.
Here is a little about myself: I am a student at CU Boulder studying Marketing, Finance, and minoring in Spanish. I graduate in just over a week so I am really excited to get the opportunity to take some trips when the summer starts. Currently, I work at a marketing agency here in Boulder and am hoping to start my career in marketing upon graduating. At the end of the summer I am packing up everything and moving to Peru where I plan to land a job in the marketing/travel sector.
I grew up in Indonesia and Ghana before coming to college here so I have always loved taking pictures of my travels from around the world since I was little. I mostly use my GoPro since it is easy to take around; however, I occasionally use my old Nikon or my phone. I am planning to buy a Sony Alpha of sorts to be able to take more night shots and have more flexibility in shooting. My next road trip will take me through White Sands National Monument, Northern Mexico, and Arizona and that trip can’t come soon enough! Keep exploring!  -Lia



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I created this website to be a place where I could share my travel experiences in Utah. From the time I was a little boy, I've been able to travel all over the world, and Utah is one of the most beautiful and diverse places you will find. I hope that you will share your Utah travel experiences with us too.

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