Hydro-Flight at Bear Lake

If You Can Stand, You Can Fly Dive

The sport of Hyrdo-Flight was invented in France a couple of years ago, but now you can try it right here at Bear Lake, Utah. BearLakeFun.com is now offering Fly Dive Hydro-Flight experiences to the general public. We are the first company in Utah to offer an on-site operation of this type with full-time employees ready to take you out flying anytime.

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When the Fly Dive company came to us last year and gave us a demo of how easy Fly Diving is to learn, we knew right away it would be a viable business to take passengers out for hire and give hydro-flight experiences. We’ve already taken out dozens of people, and 100% of them have been able to learn to fly and had a wonderful experience. We’ve had people of ages 9 to 70 be able to fly. Most people are airborne within the first few minutes. If you can stand, you can Fly Dive. You can stay just a few feet off the water, or soar to heights of 30 feet or more, you decide. Each first flight includes 10 minutes of professional instruction. Select the amount of time you want, and you can divide this time among members of your group as you want, up to 3 people per hour. For example, in a one hour rental, you would have 10 minutes of instruction, and then two people could ride 25 minutes each, or 3 people could ride 15 minutes each. Or you could do a 4 hour rental for a family reunion and rotate as many people through as you want during your time. The price for 1 hours is $199 and each additional hour is $100.


Requirements are: Minimum age of 10, minimum weight 65 pounds, minimum height 5 feet, maximum weight 300 pounds. We provide the Sea-Doo to power the Fly Dive unit, fuel, a certified coast guard captain employee to operate the Sea-Doo throttle and monitor the flyer, life jacket, helmet, and wakeboard style boots in a variety of sizes to fit in the Fly Dive unit’s quick-release bindings. The Fly Dive activity can be booked at either Rendezvous Beach State Park, or at the Bear Lake State Park Marina (in the north-west outside corner beach area of the marina). You will start the Fly Dive activity from the beach area from a floating dock in about 3 feet of water where you will put the boots and bindings on, then we will make our way out to at least 15 feet of water where you will soon be flying. Observers are welcome to watch from shore, or rent a separate watercraft to watch from the water. We can allow one person from your group to ride on the back of the Sea-Doo with our driver to observe and take pictures. We are also a Fly Dive dealer and can sell you a Fly Dive unit for $4,495 if you’re interested.

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Come try the newest water sport to come to beautiful Bear Lake located on the Utah-Idaho border. Remember, if you can stand, you can Fly Dive!

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