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Crimson Trail Logan UT

I grew up outside of Utah, in a very flat place. I had never hiked in my life, and so naturally, didn’t know what I was missing out on. I would always visit Utah, but never ventured much into the mountains. I never fully appreciated them before because they were so foreign to me. It wasn’t until I moved to Logan, UT to continue my schooling, that I fell head over heels for the magnificent view that you can only attain through hiking. The elevation was something to conquer at first, growing up in a town that was only 16 feet above sea level certainly didn’t prepare me for the height that I was getting myself into, but nothing gives me the kind of thrill that standing on top of a mountain does. My favorite hike is the Crimson Trail, and if you have ever hiked that trail, you know why -the view is absolutely breath-taking. I have a fear of heights, but nothing will stop my from venturing towards the edge to get a better look, or standing on the cliff to take in the valley scenery. I love being able to leave behind literally everything, to just take in the beautiful city that I live in. Nothing else gives me that sort of rush, and nothing makes me feel so powerful as when I climb a mountain. Truly blessed to be able to live so close to Logan Canyon.



Written by: Halley Smith

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