Contest Entry: James Lowe

Owen’s Loop, or as I like to call it, “The Walking Tour of St. George” happens to be my new favorite local trail for several reasons. First reason, I didn’t know it existed until a few weeks ago. I was coming home from work across the beautiful Dixie Hill when I saw a mountain biker pop out of nowhere and exit a trailhead right by the main road. Since this trail sits right near a major tourist nature reserve, it seems to get over looked easily, but it shouldn’t. That brings me to reason two for loving this trail; it hugs the beautiful red cliffs that surround St. George, Utah. Hikers will start the trail viewing the far off mountains of Hurricane, Utah and even small tips of Zion. Then the trail moves to show the whole St. George valley. As it continues to wrap around the cliff, hikers will see out towards Gunlock and at its final turning point, the views of Snow Canyon will make you realize why so many people call Southern Utah their home. Finally, Owen’s Loop is diverse. The trail marker shows this trail for hikers, mountain bikers, and horses. This three-mile trail is great for whatever mode of adventure you are seeking. So whether you are looking for a new trail close to home, or looking to show off St. George to an adventurous out-of-town friend, Owen’s Loop has it all.


Written by: James Lowe

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