Night Skiing at Beaver Mountain

What a night. So, first I have to say, this night was only the second night that I went skiing in probably 20 years. The good news is, I didn’t break a leg or anything. In fact, I must admit that I did pretty well. I think skiing is like riding a bicycle. Once you’ve done it, it’s pretty easy to get back on those skis, point them down a hill and go. Just to be clear though, the images on this post are not of Beaver Mountain Ski Resort at night, but I did find some night skiing images online that were royalty free, so I snagged them.  I will do my best to get images of Beaver Mountain at night for my readers.

If you have never been night skiing, it’s a much different experience than during the day. The main difference to me is that it feels like you are going slower because you can’t see how fast you are going as well. There was a trail I was skiing down that night that was very smooth. I didn’t realize how fast I was going because the trail was very dimly lit. However, when I skied across an area that was lit much better, I could see I was flying. Ok, so it wasn’t like breaking the sound barrier or anything, but it was fast, and shocked me a little. It was at that point that I cowardly started inching my skis into that pizza position to slow down.

night-skiingThe next little fun experience is that during the night, you can’t see some of the bigger bumps in the snow as easily as you can during the day. You want to really keep your legs bent and ready for anything, because you never know when you are going to need that shock absorber/leg to take a big hit. Fortunately, I was able to keep my skis toward the ground at all times, rather than pointing to the sky as I fly through the air, which I have done before too.

Another great part about night skiing is that you can’t beat the prices. Most of the time, both your ski rentals and ski passes are going to be about half of what you pay for during the day. That means you get just enough time on the skis to make it a fun experience without feeling guilty that you didn’t stay longer.

All in all if you haven’t been to the slopes at night, you are missing out on one of those experiences that is well worth the trip.  I mean skiing during the day is fun, but everyone does that.  Find a ski resort that lets you ski at night and find out how good you really are when you can’t see.  Ok, so it’s not that you can’t see at all, but seriously, if you haven’t been night skiing, you really should give it a try.  You’ll be glad you did.

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