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I had never visited or even been near Utah before so when I first got here the mountains and all the landscape left me speechless. I had no words for how amazing the surroundings and the environment looked. I grew up and still am growing up in a small town in Tennessee. I live by the Great Smoky Mountains and wake up every morning to see a great view of them, but Utah was something completely different. I have never gotten the chance to explore the United States until this month and I have to say that it is one heck of a country outside of my state. We only stayed one night in Utah, but we saw a lot while we were in town. We stayed in Ogden our only night, which had an amazing view by the way (see the 1st picture below). Then in the morning we went and saw the Golden Spike which was an incredible sight. They did not have the trains out for display so we got to go and see them while they were working on them. If I have the chance to come back though I definitely would. I had a blast while I was in Utah. Here are my two favorite moments while I was in Ogden.




Written by: Connor Brogan

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