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Goblin Valley State Park

The sun beats down, casting eerie shadows over an unworldly landscape. You hear voices, yet see no one. Perhaps it was just the wind, echoing off the face of a nearby eroded cliff. Now and then movement will catch your eye but you turn and see nothing. The heat pulls you toward the nearest stem-shaped formation. Here you sit, hoping the shade, tossed down by a giant cap high above, will grant you a brief reprieve. Look around. The formations that surround you are nothing, if not mystifying. Some call them mushrooms. Some call them gnomes. Most call them goblins. When you think of Utah, you think of the Mighty 5. Five of the most breathtakingly beautiful national parks in the world. Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion. After exploring parts of them all, I understand completely why they are the first to attract visitors. But located not far from the majesty of the Mighty 5 lies a somewhat unknown, yet out-of-this-world spectacular place called Goblin Valley State Park. Turning south off Interstate 70, then meandering down State Highway 24, you’d almost wonder why you were making the trek. Until, that is, you park your car and wander to the edge of this other world. Once you lay eyes on the Valley of Goblins, the park’s main attraction, you will understand why. Filled with thousands of hoodoos and three main trails, you can easily lose yourself in the maze of mystical shapes. So don’t fear these goblins. Go play amongst them. I dare you!



Written by : Penny Rogers

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